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Top Tips for Creating Web Content | Copywriting Ireland | Content Creation Dublin

Posted in Clients by Aoife on 07 Dec 2017.

When it comes to creating content which gets your message across, while reaching your target market, there are crucial golden rules. 

Keep it simple

Unless you are writing for academic purposes, or need to provide technical detail, keep the language as simple as possible. Effectively, you are creating your own advertising through your website content, so make sure it is clear and concise. Remember, you need to grab and keep your reader's attention before they hit the X on the right-hand corner. 

Make it relevant

Select your headings and phrases carefully and bear in mind what people will search when looking for your business or service. It might be useful to do some research, using an online keywords tool or looking at your own Google Analytics or Google Search Console stats. See what works, or what you might be falling down on, and build on those.


Remember, in most cases the reader knows nothing about what you offer - so inform them on your services. Celebrate successes, show your achievements through case studies which they can relate too. 


A picture paints a thousand words! However, don't use images which are too big - they will take time to open on the reader's device and Google may not like them when indexing your site.