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Crisis Communications

Prepare. Minimise. Repair.

Within organisations it is certainly best practice to have a crisis action plan in place. However, eventualities are often unpredictable. Crotty Communications provides expert advisory in the area of crisis communications and has worked across a broad range of emergency issues.

We work with our clients on preparing a framework for a crisis and we also provide crisis support on an ad-hoc basis. In a crisis it is essential to effectively and carefully communicate with staff, stakeholders, customers, suppliers, the media and other groups. Response time, method and content are crucial. Transparency is essential.


Crotty Communications has advised on industrial disputes, environmental events and occurrences, healthcare issues, social issues, product recalls and safety.

Our issues management service is 24/7, 365 days per year. Our emergency crisis line +353 87 256 77 51.

For more information on our issues management track record and services, please contact us.

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